New on our website, Madalas hut

Madala meaning “an old man” in the Zulu language. It is a way to address an older person with affection or respect.

Madalas hut is privately situated about 200 meters away from the main camp. It is in the bush overlooking the bushveld. The resident wildlife often wanders around madalas hut. It is a nice and quiet spot, like an old man would like.

The Hut is fully air- conditioned and sleeps 4 persons. There is a double bed in a separate bedroom and two single beds in the main living area. The living, with large double doors overlooking the bush, features comfortable chairs, cupboards and dinner table and a well equipped kitchenette with stove, oven, kettle and fridge/ freezer.

From R 1.000 for the hut per night, sleeps 4 people

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